Amazon Prime now has Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, but the episodes aren’t in the correct order

Amazon Prime now has Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, but the episodes aren’t in the correct order

Amazon Prime is now carrying the entire catalog of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, which we probably didn’t have anything to do with but in our fictitious self-involved universe we’d like to think that we are solely responsible for. We did write a blog post asking Netflix to carry it, so it’s possible someone at Prime Video saw that and sniped it out from under Netflix.

One interesting thing to note is that we discovered while watching season three (not sure about other seasons) that the episodes are actually out of order. Interestingly enough, the descriptions of the episodes are in order, but when you actually play them they’re not the correct episodes. If you follow along with our podcast you’ll want to make sure you’re watching the correct episodes! So, we’ve created a handy guide to translate the Amazon Prime episode numbers to the correct airing order of the episodes, which you can see below.

Season 3 Amazon Prime Correction Guide

  1. Episode 1 = Amazon Episode 1
  2. Episode 2 = Amazon Episode 8
  3. Episode 3 = Amazon Episode 9
  4. Episode 4 = Amazon Episode 12
  5. Episode 5 = Amazon Episode 5
  6. Episode 6 = Amazon Episode 3
  7. Episode 7 = Amazon Episode 13
  8. Episode 8 = Amazon Episode 6
  9. Episode 9 = Amazon Episode 11
  10. Episode 10 = Amazon Episode 10
  11. Episode 11 = Amazon Episode 2
  12. Episode 12 = Amazon Episode 4
  13. Episode 13 = Amazon Episode 7

We hope that this helps you guys find this conversion guide handy. We’ve reached out to Prime Video and they’ve acknowledged the issue. We’ll let you know if and when it’s fixed.

4 Replies to “Amazon Prime now has Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, but the episodes aren’t in the correct order”

  1. Your “correct” order doesn’t align with mine, though. I’ve been nabbing the episodes for my personal collection, and I saw that 3×02 on Amazon Prime is actually 3×11 (Dead Beat Daddy, Ghost Town, The Sewing Machine, The Sleepwalker & Money Laundry) according to Wikipedia. Did they change the orders again on Prime after you wrote this up? Episode 4 on Amazon is definitely episode 12, though.

    BTW, just started your podcast, which is breezy and fun. Did you guys ever mention that the season one segment “Dream House” was basically a rehash of the “The House” ( from the classic anthology series Night Gallery? So I don’t know how that segment was deemed “fact.” The “Dream House” writers (J. Larry Carroll and David Bennett Carren) literally plagiarized the “The House” (written by Rod Serling and André Maurois). Then again, I never put much salt into these “fact” stories. For instance, like the “Kid in the Closet” one was debunked online years ago – some kid “disappeared” by finding an access in a closet that led to outside.

    1. Thanks for the info on the Amazon order not being correct. I think you might be right—Amazon may have fixed some but not all of the episodes. Hopefully it’ll be fully updated soon. As of our last recording, our list was correct. Or maybe it’s regional? Who knows.

      Did you consider that the Night Gallery writers may have pulled inspiration from the same true story, just not crediting it? Something to consider! That was my first thought.

      Thanks so much for the nice compliments on our show. We love producing it and love that we have a loyal following of fans of this incredibly underrated show. We love it.

    2. It’s the same with mine (watched ep 2 on Amazon, it was ep 11) buuuuut I think the list is supposed to be read as “if you want to watch episode 2 in broadcast order, click on episode 8 on Amazon” not that if you click ep 2 on Amazon you’ll get ep 8.

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