#05 The voodoo that you do [S1E5]

#05 The voodoo that you do [S1E5]

“Let’s throw in our towel like they did on this one.”

Today we review Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction season 1, episode 5. The group discusses James Brolin’s long and expository intro this week—as well as his awesome wardrobe. Chris thinks his jacket gets bigger each time… or maybe he’s getting smaller… or maybe he’s just turning into a jacket.

Story 1: Needle Point—A woman working for a terrible boss puts her frustration into doll making.

A totally normal hobby.
  • Jesse doesn’t think it could be true. No one was there to witness it.
  • Chris doesn’t believe this one either, it doesn’t follow the rules of voodoo. She never attached something personal from the boss to the doll. Chris tells a story of a person who was cursed and found a mutilated picture of herself under her desk (this was a story he heard on the podcast Jim Harold’s Campfire). Now that’s how you do voodoo.
  • We also establish that Chris is not an arch voodoo priestess (sorry guys).

Story 2: Toy To The Rescue—A young boy suffering from a rare and fatal medical condition finds hope in his favorite toy.

  • Kyle can’t stop manically laughing as he recounts this very sad story.
  • Jesse thinks we would be more empathetic with the kid in this story wasn’t so annoying.
  • Chris thinks the dad was played by Billy Mays (or Bob Vila).
  • Tiffany thinks heartwarming stories tend to be true.

Story 3: Mystery Lock—A newly installed lock helps an elderly woman keep harm out.

They literally made a gigantic keyhole
  • Aunt Connie was played by Ellen Albertini Dow.
  • The group point out the cheesy oversize keyhole prop used in the story one too many times.
  • Jesse doesn’t know who told this story. Kyle believes someone could have witnessed this.

Story 4: The House on Baker Street—A teenage girl dating the “bad boy” discovers a similar tale took place in her house years ago.

Classic BB VFX
  • No one understands what happen in this story.
  • Kyle points out how incredibly awkward the climactic last scene is.
  • Chris has an issue: you can be possessed by a demon, but not by another ghost.
  • The group points out an amazing practical effect when a ghost sits up from a seat. Gave Jesse chills.
  • Tiffany thinks it could be based on an urban legend and Jesse thinks the daughter did this all to piss off her parents.

Story 5: The Train—In the mid 1800’s two men meet on a train platform, but their lives soon intersect in unbelievable ways.

We were not lying! #crossfades
  • The team has been blown away—there was no filmed segment, instead Brolin just told a story with an amazing series of crossfades.
  • They think the budget was cut. All the money probably went to the Keyhole prop.
  • Tiffany thinks it’s weird that they would tell a historical story and it would not be fact.

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The story results are revealed.

  • To find out which stories are fact and which are fiction… you must listen to the podcast, or check out the full episode below!

We couldn’t find a good link to this episode on YouTube, but you can find it by Googling!

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